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Tips To Reach Your Ideal Weight and Stay There (plus Eating Mindfully)

Avatar Diets don't work in the long-run (see the reasons why), because diets program your body to eat more in case there's another famine situation (diet) around the corner, by producing more hormones that make you hungrier.

When you work with me, the 'D' word won't be mentioned. Find out a bit more about my methods and together we'll make the changes easier.

YOU will come up with your plan NOT me - you are the expert on you. I will ask you strategic coaching questions to find out what's been stopping you in the past and find a clear path to your goal now and in the future. Together we will find out what your very specific goal is and more importantly, what it means for YOU. This is the most powerful goal you can have, if a coach imposes a goal and their plan on you, it just won't work. YOU have to come up with the plan, then your powerful subconscious mind will be on-board and really keen to achieve it. Imagine the difference between something you have to do (go on another diet) and something you can't wait to do (go on holiday to Hawaii!!), that's the difference working with a coach will make to your desire to reach that goal.

The goal will be in the positive, not to lose weight, but we'll be looking at what you'll GAIN. And, of course, part of the goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

There will be obstacles, like emotional eating, stress eating and self-sabotage, but I have a toolbox full of techniques to help undo these responses and change unwanted habits and attitudes to food. These changes will be reinforced with mp3/CD audio hypnotherapy.

On your journey, you will learn to be your own coach, so that you can keep yourself on track. Once, you've made the commitment to shed weight and change your habits, small lifestyle changes are needed. I supply information about the most effective changes you could make. Using my hypnotherapy, NLP and CBT techniques, these changes will be far easier to make. You don't need to implement them all at once, just make a few changes a week. This results in better habits and more positive thinking.

Here's a tip to get you started:

Eat Mindfully Not Mindlessly

  • EAT WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY: Don't eat for any other reason. If we graze or eat because we 'fancy' something we may have forgotten the signs of hunger. Start noticing these. Equally don't get over hungry, then you're more likely to bolt down food & not chew it properly. You won't digest it properly or get proper nutrition from it. When I started to do this, I realized that I hardly ever get hungry, but I start to feel a headache coming on or get a bit shaky, that's my signal to eat.

  • CHEW THE FOOD SLOWLY: Also put your knife & fork down between mouthfuls. The full stomach signal takes a while to reach your brain (20 minutes), so this will give it more time.

  • CONCENTRATE ON THE FOOD: Don't eat watching TV, reading, talking, multi-tasking. If you're talking, stop eating.

  • STOP BEFORE YOU ARE FULL: You can always eat more later if you want to. Don't stop when you are overfull or have eaten everything on the plate, but stop when you're satisfied. This may take some practise! You can save the left over food for lunch the next day.

    We often hardly notice the food we're eating. Think about each mouthful, savour the taste and the texture. DO this gradually: one meal a day, then two, then when snacking. You'll notice what you're eating and whether you're actually enjoying it or if you actually need to eat it.

    If you follow these tips, you will find you are eating less and enjoying your food more - simple but effective. Of course, it's easier said than done and that's where my techniques can help.

    Together we'll make the changes easier. Find out more...