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Angela Wilshin - Weight-Loss Coach & Hypnotherapist

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What My Weight Loss Clients Say:

Avatar 'Angela has been a great help, not only helping me lose weight but also helping me cope with stress within the family. The techniques with coping with stress have been extremely helpful and I don't know how I would have coped otherwise.

For my weight loss, I have dropped a dress size, I am so pleased and feel more energetic. My son noticed I had lost weight and commented on it! I have still got to reach my goal but the hypnotherapy I have had and listening to the CD reinforces it.

I would recommend Angela, she's very professional and her work is performed in very relaxed surroundings.’
Helen Saddler, Billericay. October 2018
Avatar 'I no longer see food as a reward. It's transformed my life.’ (Has lost 22lbs after 8 weeks and still going) Sue Willard, Romford

'I used to eat up to 4 bars of chocolate a day and a big Dairy Milk at the weekends - now I'm not bothered, I may have a bar a week.' Louise, Chelmsford

'I can't eat as much at each meal - it just fills me up. I've already lost half a stone, after 4 sessions and still going.' Julie, Brentwood
Avatar "I even lost weight while I was on holiday." Helen, Maldon

'I went to visit Angela at a time of considerable stress, brought on mostly by pressures of work and seemingly endless demands on me from every angle. The initial session enabled me to talk through all of these issues with a completely objective listener, and the subsequent sessions taught me a variety of coping techniques which have proved helpful and easy to remember. I have lost nearly 2 stone and am confident my new habits will continue.' LJ, Witham
Avatar ‘Thanks Angela, the sessions I had for my chronic pain helped me to relax and I have found the CD's really helpful. I no longer comfort eat to escape the pain.’
MM Chelmsford

'I really enjoyed being Angela's client for weight loss. We ironed out a lot of my eating issues. What touched me in particular was one conversation we had about a very sensitive issue for me at that time. I am not sure what she did or said that helped me, but I clearly remember that after the conversation with her I felt so uplifted and full of hope. Since then I felt totally different about the whole issue (which used to be a big problem for me). Soon after the conversation the problem resolved itself. I've dropped 1 dress size and intend to drop at least 2 more. Barbara Jessop, London
Avatar ‘I decided to try Angela's programme as I had slipped into lazy eating habits and I really needed to change for good the way I regarded food. Angela helped me look at my goals, the reasons behind my eating habits and ways to change. By the second session, I'd already started noticing a change in my attitude to food and a natural return to healthy eating.

I used the audio recordings to stay relaxed, focused and to reinforce the messages that I was taking on board. I soon responded to Angela's techniques and professionalism. Her sessions were so much fun and enjoyable, that I looked forward to my next visit. Angela was able to accommodate evening sessions which fitted around my work and family time.

I am soon to attend my follow up session and have lost almost 2 stones. I am really glad I took action to change with Angela and can recommend her simple and effective ways to support weight loss.’

Sarah Lawrence, Bocking.

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