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Angela Wilshin - Weight-Loss Coach & Hypnotherapist

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So How Can a Weight Coach Help Me Lose Weight?

Avatar Many people start off well, when they decide to lose weight, but get stuck when they face problems such as cravings, stress or emotional situations. Faced with a new challenge, it can be hard to tell the best way to approach it and to stay focussed. It might be difficult to break out of old habits on your own, or the thinking process might get into an endless circle of non-productive worrying. Having an objective, non-judgemental coach is the answer. I can spot problems or behaviours that you may not be aware of. I can ask you questions to help you become more empowered and innovative in your approach. Research has shown that when we break out of our habitual thought patterns, we are more resourceful and open to new ideas about reaching our goal.

I will be using all my experience to help you set a magnetic, realistic goal, that your subconscious mind will find irresistible (see my article 'Tips To Shed Weight' for more details about goal setting).

You will decide many of the changes that you will be making and you'll be accountable to me in our weekly sessions, but you will also be learning the skills of becoming your own coach, so that when our sessions stop, you will be keeping yourself on track. (Some clients have enjoyed this process so much that they have become coaches themselves!)

I will share the latest information about how to burn fat with just a few minutes exercise a week and the importance of building more movement into your day.
Avatar My approach is far more powerful than a standard coach, as I will be using my toolbox of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching and Mindfulness techniques to help you tackle unwanted eating habits/attitudes and eliminate emotional, boredom, stress related eating issues etc.

We will explore what’s stopped you losing weight or helped to keep you gaining weight in the past. Often, coaching works with behaviour patterns that are normally outside of conscious awareness. Anything you can do really well, you can do without thinking about it, unfortunately, this can include bad eating habits!

The aim of coaching is to replace habits that lead to stress and failure with habitual processes that lead to success and satisfaction. And the real value of coaching at the unconscious level? The client doesn't have to remember to do anything different, there is no fighting against natural inclinations, often clients forget that they ever had a mental block in the first place!

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